Ti Plant Info

Ti is a tropical evergreen plant with purple, red, or variegated palm-like leaves. It’s native to Asia, Australia, and some Pacific islands, where it has cultural and culinary significance. Because of its attractive foliage and fragrant flowers, it’s also grown as an ornamental plant. You can successfully cultivate it indoors or outdoors provided its climate requirements are met.

Cordyline fruticosa
Ti plant
Good luck plant
Hawaiian ti plant
Palm lily
Cabbage palm
Red Sister
Baby Doll
Miss Andrea
Clusters of small white, pink, yellow, or purple star-shaped flowers. The blooms are followed by green, yellow, or red round berries


Ti thrives in moist soil, so it's best to hydrate the plant regularly. Reduce the watering frequency in winter.


Place the plant in an area that receives bright indirect light. Too much sun can scorch the leaves or fade their color. Too little sun can make the foliage dull or leggy.


The plant prefers well-drained, loamy, or sandy soil. If the growing medium is not suitable, amend it with compost, peat moss, or perlite to improve its drainage and acidity.


You can apply a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength every two weeks or monthly from spring to fall. Alternatively, feed the plant a slow-release fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season.


Prune at any time of the year. But to stimulate branching and flowering, it's best to trim the plant in late winter or early spring.


Stem cuttings

Thrives in

Warm and humid conditions with regular watering


The plant contains saponins and alkaloids that can cause irritation of the mouth, throat, and stomach if ingested by humans or pets.

Pests & Diseases

Ti is susceptible to spider mites, mealybugs, scale insects, aphids, thrips, leaf spot, root rot, or stem rot.

Landscaping Ideas

Focal point
Accent plant
Hanging baskets

Last Updated: August 10, 2023

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